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How to be a real woman to your man

How to be a real woman to your man…



By Just Valerie



The bible states that a good wife is more precious than the finest jewel. What is a good woman you may ask? Does her beauty measure a good woman? Oh maybe it’s how curved her hips are and the size of her breast. Let me see, could it be the sorority she has joined, or what family she is from.


Hold up wait a minute, it’s none of the above for a real woman, hello red light. A pretty face and nice body can catch a man but it takes more than that to keep one. The first fact is that a man needs more than sex he needs a friend. Men notice more than some women think they do. They can and often pick up on the fake from the real. Girls don’t be fooled, just because a man allows a woman to go on with the faking and shaking thing. Thinking to herself she is certified “Gods Gift” to man, because she’s a ten by society’s standards or from the right side of the track. Only to find out that he is seeing somebody less attractive, not by her standards as classy, she may even come from the wrong side of the track. Guess what she makes him feel like a man…. She gives him the strength he needs to continue on, when the weight of the world is on his shoulder.


No matter how much education you have, how pretty or fine you are without character, and the qualities that Proverbs speak of, you aren’t raising any sand. Having the ability to read his feeling without him speaking a word, is one of the best quality a woman could possess.


What is the purpose of nagging, if he looks at another woman and you freak out? The only man that doesn’t admire a woman is blind or dead. Just because he looks doesn’t mean he want to take her to bed. If he wanted somebody to nag, him he would go to his mother. Every man passed a certain age has loved and been loved before. The past should not matter. You should make your own place in his life; everybody has a hand you have to make your hand different. Do that and someone may ask for it?


Get to know the man, and inner man, we as women do every thing in world to get the man we want. We fix ourselves up, cook, clean and whatever. Once we feel GOTCHA then the gloves come off. When we see a few things that are annoying in the man, we say to ourselves “oh that will pass”, or “he’ll change after I get him”. Girlfriend! What you see is what you get. You are not his mother you are his mate. Never think you can change anybody, if the Lord doesn’t do it, trust me you can’t. If you push a man to be something that he isn’t you will create a man that we lie to you just to shut you up or a man that begin to creep. Before you know it, you may have a man that is no longer your man but her man.


I’ve asked several young men, what they like and dislike in the women of today. They replied that they want realness, they get tired of girls that act one way in the presence of him and she is a totally different person in the presence of her friends. When dealing with the heart, deal with the heart on the level of the heart. If you hurt say you hurt, be for real not fake, you will get more bees with honey than vinegar.


When you meet a man that you like, talk to him find out if you have any of the same interest. The best way to start off is as friends. You will learn more about him as a friend than if you were to start off in a relationship. Forget about his past relationships. If he has habits that you don’t like, if you feel you can’t live with them don’t. Always be yourself, don’t put on, and never try to be something that you are not. Like the old folks say, if it doesn’t come out in the wash it will truly come out in the rinse. You can only front for so long and there is no future in the fronting…. If you don’t like to clean up you just may not be as domestic as the next but you probably have other qualities that far surpass the qualities of the next. If it gets too bad he will help you clean up! I assure you in most cases, to have a woman that has his back he will hire a maid.


You will find that making a man feel like a man doesn’t mean jumping in bed with him. Listening to him, really listening to him is a start. Making him know that if he loss all he owned that he wouldn’t lose you. If he made a mistake, you would have a heart to forgive. When it seems that the whole world is against him it’s you and him against the world. If he has a dream and you truly don’t see it, then chances are you aren’t in it…you should believe in your man and his dreams. When a man feels that his woman really believes in him he can do anything.


The information that I’m expressing comes directly from young men from all walks of life. I found that no matter what walk of life he came from they all wanted the same basic qualities that I’ve expressed in the above information, on what a man wants in a woman. Even the dogs, wanted a good woman, several dogs said they once were good men until hurt by love. So be real, if you can. If you can’t seek consulting and peace out!




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