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Mama's Baby Daddy's Maybe

Mama’s baby Daddy’s maybe……




“Just Valerie”





The birth of a new baby is a blest event. The joy that a new baby brings to a home is remarkable. The mother knows at the time of conception that the child is hers. The daddy depending on the relationship with the unborn child’s mother assumes the child is his. If he suggests in anyway that he has a doubt about the paternity of the baby. Here comes in most cases the girl’s mother, or whoever acting as the responsible party on the baby mama’s behalf, insisting that it’s no way in the world that this isn’t the guy’s child. Knowing all the while what kind of young lady this is, if she’s good or bad. Things happen it doesn’t make the young lady a bad girl for the simple fact that she get pregnant. Sometimes good girls do bad things; it’s called life lessons and being human.


Reality, a lot of men are taking care of babies that aren’t theirs. The Talk Shows reflect that on several episodes a week. Let’s get real girls you know how it goes, the main ones who have a problem with the suggestion that a blood test is needed are often the ones who really don’t know. Everyone seems to have harsh words for the male for even doubting paternity. But the truth is women mess around as much or more than men. If you are not one that does then I’m not talking about you. But, if the shoe fits wear it.


Okay for argument sake the child is his, he does the so-called right thing marry her. Or, on the other hands realizes this person isn’t the right person for him, but agrees to take care of his child. Now comes in most cases the “Baby Mama Drama”. For some strange reason some baby mama’s feel that the father is suppose to take care of her as he does his child, doesn’t matter that it was a one night stand or that he only knew you a few months. If he doesn’t or his family particularly the paternal mother doesn’t treat the baby mama like she is the Queen of Sheba then, you’ll sometimes hear remarks like“I don’t want my baby around your mama” or the baby mama puts all kind of mess in the child’s mind against the father. Lord forbids the father finds another mate in which most cases he does. The dialogue turns to “that bitch ain’t your mama you don’t have to listen to her”, if the new union brings forth another child. The baby mama usually tells the child “your father don’t love you he loves the other baby more than you”.


Okay, there are some baby mama’s that goes on with their lives, the baby mama and the baby daddy will raise the child effectively jointly but separately. A word to the wise, use protection everybody, women be fair you as a whole have the upper hand because you usually have the child. Know that the child’s father is important elements in the child’s life don’t push him out, if he wants to be there. If he doesn’t you will still make it, put your child first.


Don’t get angry if a blood test is requested, you know how it goes now days. If you don’t behave in a matter that would cause doubt about paternity,  I know you have a friend or two maybe more than that, who have messed around and truly don’t know who the father is, so don’t trip. You know that we live in a society that having sex is a common thing, but it doesn’t make it right. When you bring a helpless child into the world, that you don’t want if the father doesn’t want you, is wrong. With an increasing child abuse rate because someone made a mistake, stop the maddest.


Girls be careful it’s okay to say no. A man will do to you only what you allow him to do. Stop being so free, with your most valuable asset, your body. Give your child a chance to have a relationship with its father your child. A lot of times the father avoids the child because of the mother. My father recently pasted away, since I am an adult now and again, a single parent. I understand why he did it the way he did. If I had to deal with what he had to I would probably have did it the same way, and stayed way. Knowing how my mother was and knowing what a sweet man my father was. She was still able to tell me something, to piss me off to point that I did not attend my father’s funeral. I regret it, but that’s why I can say to you baby mama’s you have the upper hand. Don’t do things that you will regret in the long run and I am a living witness you will live to regret it. The same children that listen to you will grow up and figure out the real deal, and you will fall from your child’s grace...


RIP Daddy I love you…..


Song "I hate my baby mama" by Kraze

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